Full Service 340B Solution

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We established solutionsRx to meet the growing need for hospitals to address the complexities of developing and maintaining successful 340B drug programs.  In our experience, many hospitals lack the in-house expertise to take full advantage of this critical program. This lack of in-house capabilities and a shortage of experienced consultants prevents many institutions from taking full advantage of the 340B program.

In addition to basic 340B consulting services, we offer full-service turnkey solutions to hospitals seeking to develop or expand in-house 340B programs and contract pharmacy programs.  These full-service administrative solutions allow hospitals to take immediate advantage of the 340B program without adding FTEs or imposing additional administrative burdens on existing administrative resources.  Moreover, our experience with the 340B program enables facilities to launch successful 340B programs quicker, more profitably, and with greater compliance confidence than if they proceeded alone.

Our team includes lawyers, pharmacists and 340B consultants that can address your facility's needs professionally and efficiently.  Please contact us for a complementary assessment of the 340B opportunities for your facility.